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       The founding of the JOHN LENNON SOCIETY on October 9, 1999 by David Peel and Jim Johnston at Strawberry Fields annual John Lennon Birthday celebration in Central Park, New York City is a historic event in Rock 'N' Roll culture. In the early sixties, a major emphasis in Rock and Pop music came from the British rock group: THE BEATLES, started by JOHN LENNON - who also produced DAVID PEEL as a recording artist on Apple Records in theearly seventies.

   The founders of the JOHN LENNON SOCIETY intended to enlarge the scope of this organization to meet the needs of John Lennon and Beatle fans as members for fellowship, networking and sharing the same interests -- preserving forever the John Lennon legacy for his contributions to Rock and Pop music in the last part of the twentieth century.

   As the founding member of The Beatles and as a solo artist, John Lennon influenced the world of Rock 'n' Roll through his musical genius and contributions as a humanitarian. His aspiring career in rock music for the mainstream - the counter-culture - and the arts - as well as a person for peace - the Spirit Foundation supported by him and his family and associates and as a rock music personality is part of rock history.

   The starting of the JOHN LENNON SOCIETY in 1999 convinced the friends and supporters of John Lennon and his music that the people of the world, too should have and would have such an organization.

   The first president of The John Lennon Society's governing council is currently David Peel, Apple Records recording artist, produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971-1972 in New York City. The current JLS vice-president is Jim Johnston - also an active member of the official Julian Lennon fan club worldwide. Peel and his co-founder said that the new John Lennon Society was to be an "international society" that would provide a "fellowship and association for all." The result of the founders' foresight is today a society that is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in the spirit of John Lennon. Of the thousands of musicians and recording artists in the world today, only a chosen few are record artist members on the distinguished Beatles record label: Apple Records Ltd. and Apple Corps Ltd. -- David Peel is one of them, in association with John Lennon and The Beatles and other distinguished Apple Record artists.

  The JOHN LENNON SOCIETY includes chapters throughout the world and on the internet. JLS world headquarters is located in New York City - New York - U. S. A.


   Jim Johnston (Vice President):

   David Peel (President):

   Brad Levinson (Webmaster and Petition Supervisor):

   Danielle (Secretary):